Goal: Top KC Marketing Agencies

This is our very first blog post and with it we would like to share our stated mission: to become the top Kansas City marketing agency for small businesses.

This Ain’t Mad Men

We see day in and day out how the old “Mad Men” style of marketing and advertising  still dominate the Kansas City creative agency scene.   In the old days, businesses relied almost solely on outbound sales and brand marketing – that is investing in a brand so that when a prospective client or customer needed a product or service, the companies with the best “top of mind awareness” had the best chance of getting the sale.  This old-school approach to marketing still works – and is still the dominant way most companies and marketing agencies approach marketing strategy – but there is a better way.  A must better way.

Today’s consumers DO NOT search and buy products the way they used to.  Not even close.  They care much less about your advertisements and marketing messages, and much more about your presence, authority and and track record.  Mass marketing has given way to highly targeted inbound marketing.

A New Era In Marketing

Today, consumers want to find you, learn about your company through customer reviews and website information, and become educated about your products and services so that they can make the best choice.   Even word-of-mouth has changed forever.  There are very few consumers that will make a purchase decision based solely on a friend or family member’s recommendation.   While word-of-mouth advertising will always be a part of business, most people will go the extra step to search for reviews and / or visit a company’s website before making a final decision.

Our agency, our philosophy and the way we deliver marketing services to our Kansas City small business owner clients is centered on the Duct Tape Marketing System.   This system is centered on the idea that business must first identify their ideal, most profitable clients and then build an inbound marketing system around that ideal customer.  We then create a marketing plan in a way that attracts ideal customers to your business.  We do this by finding and creating content and other venues that draw ideal clients in – then providing them with content and calls to action that will convert ideal prospects into ideal clients.

Top KC Marketing Agencies

Our model will disrupt the Kansas City creative agency and KC marketing firm space.  Most agencies in town will sell you on subjective features and creativity  – things that are tough to evaluate and measure – and are based on opinion.   You will find us by way of our own inbound marketing system. – the same custom marketing system we will create  We will provide you with a tangible strategy and an inbound marketing system that will take your business to the next level.

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