The Duct Tape Marketing System

When I was first introduced to the book several years ago by one of my prospective clients, I didn’t act on that initial recommendation. Over the course of the next couple of years, several more business owners recommended it to me. By the fourth or fifth time, I told myself “you know what, I really need to read this book!”

Does Duct Tape Marketing Work?

What a game-changer! It is a fantastic small business marketing book packed with practical examples and real advice. Not only did Duct Tape Marketing give me a lot of fresh ideas to improve my own company’s marketing efforts, but it confirmed that a lot of things I was already doing were right. Most importantly, the core principle of creating great content around ideal customers was exactly how I’d been creating website around customer search behavior for over a decade. Duct Tape Marketing really opened my eyes to applying this kind of strategy to marketing as a whole.

Personally I have to say that the best part about the book is that it takes the fluffy, subjective mystery of marketing and structures it into an objective, repeatable system.

My team invests a lot of time in keyword research and ideal customer search behavior, so that we can develop a content marketing plan based on the data. Then we use it to reverse engineer our client’s websites. It can be a complex process, but the rewards are intense.

I believed in Duct Tape Marketing so much that I became a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, by completing a comprehensive training program with them. By joining a fast growing global network of like-minded small business marketing consultants, my own business really started to take off.

Now I am here, completing the circle – writing a book about SEO (my 2nd one after co-writing a book about local lead generation) system and how Duct Tape Marketing helps me deliver better, more effective services for my own clients. Small business owners will find a lot of value in the system, and it will supercharge your Internet marketing programs over time. If you are an Internet marketing or web design agency owner and have been looking for a competitive advantage, this is it.

The moment a client walks into our offices my staff are prepared to show them several compelling reasons to choose us over our competition, based on our track record and our Duct Tape Marketing Certification. It elevates our sales pitch and adds another layer of differentiation.

SEO, content and marketing were designed to work together to build stronger businesses online. Do yourself a favor and check out The DTM Book. I did, and it was the best decision I ever made.

Become a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

If on the other hand you are a web design agency owner, I strongly advise you to become a Duct Tape Marketing Certified Consultant. It can and does take your business to the next level. I have lived through it and can give the program my full endorsement. This book is in fact a product of the system, proving that I practice what I preach.

Marketing strategy is the key to an amazing website. SEO is the key to high traffic volumes. Content ties them together and keeps your customer coming back. This formula is what you have been looking for to elevate your business above the rest. This system also give you the tools you need to hire a virtual assistant company to help you execute the marketing tactics your client need to succeed.  Do it and thank me later.

Expert To Watch: John Jantsch

John Jantsch is a personal inspiration to me, and is widely known as the champion of small business’s marketing all over the world. As a marketing strategist there are few people that understand the online landscape quite like John does, though his expertise is understated and always tempered by his humble nature.

As a marketing consultant, speaker and bestselling author John has written four incredible books about his strategies that have catapulted him to fame. But more than that, his books have helped people like you and I become excellent at what we do in the web design and development industry.

John built the Duct Tape Marketing system from the ground up, and leads the rapidly growing Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network. His professional mission in life is to train and assist small-medium business owners in becoming successful, using his marketing strategies and incredible growth rates.

Forbes chose his blog as one of the best in the marketing world, and he has a top ten marketing podcast that he disseminates on iTunes. The Huffington Post also called John one of 100 ‘Must Follow’ thought leaders on Twitter. Forbes then honored him by declaring Duct Tape Marketing one of the 100 best websites for entrepreneurs ever.

John also contributes to American Express OPENForum and hosts numerous workshops and webinars all over America. He has written for so many national publications that I dare not list them here. If you are a marketing consultant, web designer or digital agency owner, I highly recommend the Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Network and becoming Duct Tape Marketing Certified:

At the very least, read his blog and subscribe to his newsletter. It is well worth it.

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