Small Business Internet Marketing Expert Announces Duct Tape Marketing Certification

Kansas City, MO – Today, Small Business Internet Marketing Expert and WordPress web developer Phil Singleton announces small business marketing certification and launch of new website.

On September 13th 2014, Singleton completed the Duct Tape Marketing™ certification training at the Duct Tape Marketing headquarters in Kansas City, MO. Immediately following the training program, Singleton’s team started developing a special purpose website for marketing and selling small business consulting services.

The new small business marketing services website ( will focus on promoting Duct Tape Marketing, a customizable marketing system that has been installed on thousands small businesses around the world. The Kansas City Marketing Agency™ will also promote other creative agency and marketing firm services such as content marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization and traditional marketing and advertising agency services.

Phil Singleton says: “Joining the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network was an absolute no brainer. It’s the number one brand in small business marketing and has been for several years now. My return on investment was almost immediate.”

Duct Tape Marketing gives my agency an enormous competitive advantage. Our clients’ websites generate more leads and sales because a winning marketing strategy is baked-in from the start. While our competitors create digital brochure-websites that get buried in the search engines, we focus on creating online lead machines. Unfortunately, the web design industry continues to pump out ‘design-driven’ show-pony websites that never generate a dime new sales, when they should be creating revenue generating work-horses.”

Singleton goes on to say: “Winning on the search engines and social media networks today requires a smart, comprehensive content marketing strategy and the Duct Tape Marketing system provides all the tools, education and support we need to get results for our clients.”

Duct Tape Marketing founder and best-selling author John Jantsch remarks: “I think Phil is way ahead of the curve on content-driven SEO and web design. By combining our marketing system and network power with his team’s proven Internet marketing methods and tactics, there is no question that Phil’s clients have access to a killer small business marketing program. For many of the same reasons Phil has partnered with us, we’ve seen a spike in interest from digital marketing agencies that seek to expand their service offering and gain a competitive advantage.”

About The Kansas City Marketing Agency™
The Kansas City Marketing Agency is a full service small business marketing firm that specializes in creating and installing Duct Tape Marketing products and services, as well as providing traditional marketing and creating agency services. The agency was founded by Phil Singleton, owner of leading Midwest digital marketing service brands: Kansas City Web Design® and Kansas City SEO®.

About Duct Tape Marketing™
Duct Tape Marketing is a small business marketing brand and system built around the idea that marketing should be simple, effective and affordable. Business owners access the Duct Tape Marketing System through books, courses and personalized consulting delivered by Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultants.

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