How Video Marketing Helps with Website Conversion Rates

Nearly everyone has heard of YouTube, and while other online video sites may be a bit more obscure, video marketing is (or should be) an essential component of every company’s overall marketing strategy. You have no doubt heard the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousands words.” In the case of video marketing, your video could be worth a thousand sales!

Today, given the changes in SEO and how search engines rank content, it’s interesting to note that videos appear in more than two-thirds of the top 100 search results listings. Add to that the fact that viewers of videos are up to 85% more likely to make a purchase after viewing a product video, the power of video marketing is undeniable. So, video is important for SEO, but how does it help with website conversion rates?

Psychology. Consider that videos connect a real person with a human voice to potential clients; this is far more powerful than text content, and conveys a powerful method that while subtle, converts information into content that engages the viewer. People make decisions based on emotions, and being able to actually see your movement and body language makes a real difference and directly impacts purchase decisions of the viewer.

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Trust and transparency. Today’s consumers are smart and savvy; they know there are countless scams on the Internet, and are wary of everything. When video production companies help you with video marketing, you can increase the level of trust and transparency through a human connection. When someone can actually see you and hear your voice, it is much easier to establish trust – important for brand growth and recognition. If your videos are genuinely helpful and provide value, consumers will gain confidence in your product/service. Much more effective than written content with no face or voice! Video marketing makes it possible for you to reveal the real face of your company in a way that is truly engaging.

Consumers share content they love. Did you know that in 2013, more than 700 videos were shared every minute? This is powerful, and should convince you as a business owner of the real power of video marketing. Given that billions of people are involved in social media, a winning video can transform your website’s conversion rates exponentially. Keep in mind that consumers only share content that goes beyond the product/service, and is really valuable or informative. If they really like it, they will share it. If your video is engaging AND worth sharing, it’s a win-win.

If the above isn’t proof enough of how video marketing can increase website conversion rates, here are a few statistics that may convince you:

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About The Author: Christian Vedder started Viral Video Marketing LLC to provide a personal, convenient, and mobilized service that delivers affordable and timely high-quality online video content. Vedder is a multimedia professional specializing in video marketing, video-SEO strategies, online video content creation and producing broadcast style videos for websites and special events. His media background includes performing as a commercial voice-over artist, and work as a national sports radio correspondent. For more information visit:

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