Duct Tape Marketing

What is Duct Tape Marketing?

As a Kansas City small business owner who is interested in marketing your business on the Internet, you may have heard the term “Duct Tape Marketing.” Even if you haven’t, the concept is quite interesting, not to mention effective. Although the phrase originated with a popular marketing book designed for small businesses, it actually refers to a method of marketing in a way that is “sticky,” or that delivers a message that “sticks” in the minds of your customers and potential customers.

Essentially, Duct Tape Marketing is an approach that small business owners often use because of both its affordability and effectiveness. In essence, you can get more “bang for your buck,” as the old phrase goes. In the book, written by John Jantsch, reaching a large target audience at the least possible cost is emphasized. Today, there are several ways to market small businesses affordably including an effective website, direct mail, client referrals, and even social media.

Duct Tape Marketing is a remarkably simple concept, really. While many companies and marketers online today have made marketing complicated and complex, the Duct Tape Marketing method is a lesson in simplicity.


Duct Tape Marketing is an Attraction Form of Marketing – Instead of Pushing, You Pull or “Attract”

Focusing on your ideal client is essential. In order to market your small business effectively, you must know exactly who it is that is in need of your product or service. When you know who your target audience is, you can then zero in your marketing efforts on that audience.

What happens once you have clearly identified your ideal client? You create marketing messages that are compelling and engaging, that really ring true with your target audience. This helps build trust with potential and existing customers, who will feel as though you are communicating with them on a more personal level. It is important for customers to not only trust your solutions, but like you as a small business owner.

Your website is the most important marketing “tool” online, as it is open 24/7 for business. Your web pages should engage, offer value, and deliver the solution(s) your ideal customers are in search of. Through articles, blog posts, and even social media, you can develop a reputation as en expert, the “go-to” company in your industry.

Essentially, Duct Tape Marketing explains to small businesses how to work within a limited budget and obtain success by setting goals, a budget, and by working together with your staff to organize tasks and develop a marketing calendar that will help you keep track of your efforts and ensure you keep up your efforts rather than sitting around wondering, “What do we do next?”

There are marketing trends and tactics that come and go, and then there are those that make great sense for small businesses. If you aren’t familiar with it, you may want to learn more about Duct Tape Marketing and how it could be an affordable solution to your marketing needs.

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