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What is a Business Coach?

As a small business owner, you may wonder first what a business coach does, and second, whether you may need one. Ultimately, a business coach helps you take your business from where it is currently, to where you want it to be. That sounds a littler simpler than it actually is, so we’ll make an effort to further enlighten you in this article.

A Kansas City business coach performs the same function, regardless of the industry. Just as a coach does in a sport such as football or basketball, a business coach pushes you and your staff or employees to achieve maximum performance and is there to support you when you’ve exerted all of your effort and need assistance. Make no mistake – a business coach who is dedicated to helping your business reach your goals will push, and will push hard.

The sad fact is that the majority of small businesses fail. While failure cannot solely be attributed to the fact that many business owners rely on their spouses or family for advice on how to run their business, this is part of the problem. A committed business coach who is passionate about what he/she does helps you with many aspect of successfully running a business, including:

  • Goal setting
  • Developing strategies
  • Following through with strategies
  • Measuring the results of your efforts
  • Refining strategies to make them more effective

It’s important to note that a business coach is NOT a consultant, but more of a “partner” who focuses on making your business and your life the best it can be. No one would argue that a miserable personal life will affect the success of his or her business, as both are interconnected – one does lapse over into the other, whether your personal life lapses over into your business, or vice-versa.

Regardless of whether you have two employees or 50, a business coach will work to make you an effective manager, and to make you a coach in your own right when it comes to managing employees effectively. Essentially, you want to develop the talent and know-how to challenge and develop your employees’ skills, to make them proud of their accomplishments and contributions to the success of the business.

Management, sales, marketing, team building, leadership – these are just a few of the areas of business a business coach focuses on. It all boils down to the fact that just as a sports coach does, a business coach will work to improve overall performance in the game. Certainly key players contribute to the game, but it’s about all of the players working together as a team with the same goal in mind that really makes the difference

Even businesses that are already successful can benefit from a business coach; after all, what small or medium size business doesn’t desire a greater level of success, more leads, and ultimately more sales?

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