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SEO Keyword Research & Blogging Go Hand In Hand

Blogging has now transformed into an essential inbound marketing tactic for businesses of all sizes. Internet users are increasingly searching for businesses that provide them with content that educates or solves a problem. This is exactly what blogging is all about – educating users with the long term goal of getting them to purchase your products or services.

In addition to users searching for businesses with informative content, search engines also give more importance to blog posts that prompt user engagement.

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The Duct Tape Marketing System

When I was first introduced to the book several years ago by one of my prospective clients, I didn’t act on that initial recommendation. Over the course of the next couple of years, several more business owners recommended it to me. By the fourth or fifth time, I told myself “you know what, I really need to read this book!” Continue reading “The Duct Tape Marketing System”

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How To Turn Blog Posts Into An eBook

Serious bloggers and content marketers are always on the lookout for new ideas and ways to succeed online. In all likelihood after months or even years of writing blog posts, you probably have a huge inventory of material you’ve written on a variety of subjects. Most of us soon develop favorite topics or niches that we excel at and enjoy writing about. Now may be the ideal time to re-purpose your blogs into an eBook to get new readers, and create a great call-to-action reward to supplement your inbound marketing strategy. These tips will get your creativity flowing and guide you through the basics of writing an eBook – with existing content. Continue reading “How To Turn Blog Posts Into An eBook”

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Five Reasons to Hire a Business Coach

If you are a small business owner in the Kansas City area, you may wonder whether it’s time to hire a business coach.

Many business owners find that their businesses are just not reaching the level of success they had hoped.

It takes patience, focus, continued learning, and perseverance for any business to succeed, not always easily accomplished.

What are some of the reasons you may want to consider hiring a Kansas City business coach?  We have listed a few below.

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How Video Marketing Helps with Website Conversion Rates

Nearly everyone has heard of YouTube, and while other online video sites may be a bit more obscure, video marketing is (or should be) an essential component of every company’s overall marketing strategy. You have no doubt heard the old saying, “a picture is worth a thousands words.” In the case of video marketing, your video could be worth a thousand sales! Continue reading “How Video Marketing Helps with Website Conversion Rates”

Improve Results With Systematized Marketing Strategy Updates

Many organizations neglect to regularly update their marketing strategy. Audiences change, needs change, and your message can get lost in the shuffle. Create a regular review process and remember the fundamentals. Let’s take a look at five fundamental marketing questions that will keep your marketing strategy strong and effective. Continue reading “Improve Results With Systematized Marketing Strategy Updates”

The Benefits Of Listing Prices On Your Website

Today’s post is by fellow Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Kevin Jordan.  Kevin is a small business marketing consultant based in central Virginia.

There is no doubt that any well-designed website for a small business should provide people with a wealth of information about the company. Visitors to the site should expect to find contact information, lists of products and services provided, frequently asked questions, testimonials, names and bios of key staff members, pictures and videos, and other types of content that help them decide if the company in question can help them solve whatever problem or need they might have. However, when it comes to the actual prices, there is a little bit of a gray area, especially for a service-based business. Should this information be posted on a company’s website for anyone to see, or should it only be divulged to those who contact the business to request that information? Continue reading “The Benefits Of Listing Prices On Your Website”