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What is an Advertising Agency?

Advertising agencies in Kansas City handle many aspects of advertising or promoting a business, depending on the size and scope of your company. As a Kansas City small business owner, you may not know exactly what an advertising agency is, and its responsibilities. Basically, these agencies use a wide array of strategies tailored specifically to the client’s needs, from creating and distributing print ads or copywriting, to performing market research and graphic design.

A Kansas City advertising agency may offer a full array of services, or focus on one specific aspect of advertising. For instance, most full-service advertising agencies are made up of several different departments with each department specializing in one area such as research. Departments may include account management, media services, creative services, and more.

Focus groups may be conducted by an agency, which allows those working with your company to gauge how consumers perceive your product or service in comparison with your competitors. This is beneficial in helping you and the agency determine the best methods for marketing your product/service and determine precisely who your target audience is, and where they are located whether online or off.

Kansas City advertising agencies that specialize in only one aspect of the process of ad production may work solely in creative services, or media buying. Many smaller businesses decide to use smaller advertising agencies that specialize in the type of service they need and carry out the remainder of advertising work in-house in order to save money. This way, you only pay for the specific advertising services you need.

As a small business, if you choose to work with a full-service Kansas City advertising agency, the agency will start by assessing certain things essential to developing an effective advertising plan. This may include your position in your industry, market share, how much competition you are up against, the level of recognition you enjoy with your target audience, and more. The agency can then create an advertising campaign which may consist of television advertising, billboards, direct mail, radio commercials, website advertising including pop-up ads, or a mixture of any type of creative advertising.

Ultimately, a small business advertising agency will work to build brand awareness and increase visibility by alternating the media platforms used in promotion, so that the target audience is approached from various directions and all of the target market is exposed to your business.

As a small business owner, you may want to learn more about advertising agencies and the benefits they provide in terms of increased exposure and building brand awareness and trust. These agencies can help you identify your target market, and use all advertising media available to ensure you become highly visible to potential clients.

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