5 Ways Blogs Boost Your Small Business Web Presence

Businesses, no matter how big or small, can benefit from blogging. Blogs are everywhere in today’s society and there’s a good reason for this. People are plugged-in 24/7 which makes blogs some of the easiest, priceless marketing tools available to you today.

Below are 5 ways for a blog to boost your web presence and help your small business grow.

1. Readers Trust Leaders
Trust is earned. It is something that simply cannot be bought. When you add new articles to your blog and you do this frequently, readers begin to associate trust and authority with you and your business. That is, if the information you share in the blogs is informative, beneficial, and relevant to the target audience.

If you have helped your reader solve a problem or shared information which benefited them, they soon see your business as a leader in your given industry.

2. Escalate Your SEO Results
Before writing a blog, research keywords on your topic. Do not assume that you “know” them as we live in a society that changes fads daily. Utilizing your key word or words, helps generate higher traffic by targeting a specific audience. Keeping on top of your market is vital and ensure to create blog topics accordingly.

Using one key word has been proven to give the best results. Adding it in your title and your first sentence causes the search engine’s to pick up on your blog and keeps pushing you higher on the results page.

3. Push Social Signals
When blogs are interesting, and most importantly, easy to share, readers will tell their friends. Readers share your blog when they respect you, view you as a leader, and enjoy what you have to say.

And what better than free marketing? As their friends see this, they have a more “automatic” trust towards you and your business because their friend already likes you. This can create more traffic to your website.

4. Invite. Ask. Intrigue.
Comments on a blog are important to you – because someone actually read it – and readers want to feel that their voice is important too. They want to share their opinions, ask questions, or respond to a question you may have posed during the blog.

Readers love to be engaged in discussions so make sure your setup is easy for them to post a comment. And remember to respond! Readers will view you and your business in a more positive light if you actively respond to questions and comments, or to further the current debate. It is also a great way to strengthen their trust in you.

So invite your readers in. Ask them a question so they can post their answer. Or if you have a controversial topic, encourage them to weigh in.

5. The 411 on Guest Blogs
Guest blogging, whether you’re posting on another’s website or you have a special guest posting on yours, adds valuable content and readers love this. They enjoy reading information from a new person or learning new information which benefits them.

Exposure on other’s sites is great for publicity for your business and can boost traffic. SEO experts have noted that by guest posting, the information is viewed as “five times more valuable” compared to when you share new information on your own blog.

Blogging is inexpensive and can create online leads. Blog frequently and you should soon see more traffic coming to your website.

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